History of Internet marketing

In order to form a more complete understanding of the advantages of the marketing platform and its undeniable benefits for any website owner who sells his goods, works, and services on the Internet, we need to briefly touch on the evolution of Internet marketing in general.


  1. A site as a basis for e-commerce. In order to sell any product or service, we need both a product (what we sell) and place (where we sell). Such a way site has become one of the most available and popular places to sell. Meanwhile, one site was quite enough for sales at the first stage of market developing. But gradually the competition level increased and the need for new marketing tools appeared.
  2. Development of media, banner and contextual advertising. Advertising began to bring new people to the site, and sales began to increase. But it didn’t last for a long time, because people became tired of such kind of advertising and stopped pay much attention to it.
  3. SEO and SMM like the struggle for new traffic. How to get people to come to your site, and not to the site of competitors? How to make people find your site? The answer to most of these questions was given by SEO.
  4. Marketing platform as the integrated marketing tool. Their purpose is an integrated approach to managing sales through the website and the indispensable increase in these sales. OMISMEDIA is the marketing platform of new evolution wave, which will help to develop your business in the best way.