How to buy the exact Tig Welder

How to choose a Tig Welder? It’s a complicated question. It’s all depends on your needs. Lightweight Welder is easy to use. Tig Welder inverters displaced transformer welding machines from the market. Leading manufacturers of welding equipment produce dozens of models with different technical characteristics. How to make the right choice, what parameters do you need to take into account and what do the suppliers offer?

How to choose the best Tig Welder

You should draw attention to the main parameters. Welding current is usually indicated by the manufacturer in the passport or manual. Welding current is an indicator at which the normal operation of the welding machine is ensured, without overloads and overheating. It’s also taking into account the duration of the load in the intermittent mode. It is recommended to choose a device with a power reserve of 30–50% of the operating current.

This is necessary in order to prevent overheating and failure of the inverter in case of continuous operation at maximum values. Visit for more information about welding stuff. Usually, household models have 160-200 A indicators.

Up to 15% in both directions is enough for a stable stationary network of 220 V. Household and professional inverters are not sensitive to these fluctuations and retain the ability to work effectively. It is necessary to connect the tig welder to an autonomous generator or a stationary network with power surges from -30% to + 20%. You should select a welding inverter with protection against voltage surges.

The next factor influencing the choice is the price. It’s not easy to buy a good Tig Welder for the cheap price. The passport characteristics may not correspond to the actual ones. It is rather difficult to check this before purchasing, as the digital display does not always correctly display the real value.