Safely PC bitcoin storing and mixing with a Bestmixer

Mining bitcoins, trading them or just investing usual money into them makes no sense if there are gaps in security. Many individuals and even organizations are aimed at hacking bitcoins since they feel the possibility of huge income. In this case, it is important to work on your security including using special tools like Bestmixer.

What you should know about the local wallets

Bitcoin core is the most striking and popular representative of desktop wallets. This is the official product of the Bitcoin network, which is developed and promoted by a non-profit organization – the Bitcoin Foundation.

There are several ways of storing bitcoins, more or less reliable. However, this will not make sense, if you let the third parties track you during transactions. To not let this happened, you can use a bitcoin mixer, which will make the tracking impossible and will protect your wallet from hacking.

A “heavy” wallet that downloads the entire blockchain on a PC. Advantages of Bitcoin Core:

  • This is the official version, based on which users can safely talk about maximum safety and security of funds
  • Easy setup and intuitive interface and client functionality, which is very important for novice users
  • Private keys are stored locally, and the blockchain is downloaded to the PC in full
  • Bitcoin Core is compatible with all known OS: Windows, Mac OS, Linux.

However, there are serious drawbacks of such storing. For example, it is a very long synchronized. It also takes a lot of memory and requires a powerful PC for optimal performance. Users who are looking for something else can also use bitcoin armory. This client is a kind of extension for Bitcoin Core, adding functionality to it.