When not to have a baby: 3 worst reasons to have a child

Often, people decide to have children not because they are ready and want it themselves, but because they are influenced by others. However, you need to always have the right reasons to have a child.

3 worst reasons to have a child

If you decided to have a child because of one of the following reasons, you better think twice:

#1 Give birth because everyone already has children

One of the most common reasons for any human behavior is because everyone does it. When you are surrounded by people who have children, you may begin to feel inferior, not like everyone else.

Psychological unpreparedness for parenting, modest living conditions, a lost career, or a “wrong” man can significantly darken motherhood. You should not focus on others. According to eggdonors.asia, modern medicine allows you to bear and give birth to healthy children after 30, and even after 40 years old.

#2 Give birth not to be left alone

Another bad motive for the birth of the child is the fear of loneliness. Usually, you think that way when your personal life is not very good. Even if the situation is at first glance ideal (you have a house, a well-paying job, you can have a babysitter), an incomplete family still leaves an imprint on the baby’s life, character, and behavior. And the decision to give birth for yourself is essentially selfish.

#3 Give birth because the husband/relatives insist

Listen to yourself and do not be afraid to assert your rights to relatives. After all, it will be your child whom you will be bringing up so the decision must be made exclusively by you without any pressure from outside. You have every right not to want children now or never at all.