How to create your own business in Switzerland

Today Switzerland is one of the world’s best countries for many investors – is one of the keys to stable regulation. Officially, the Government of Switzerland allows to everyone to do a few business’ types: a large one (250 or more employees), medium (50 to 249 employees) and small (10 to 49 employees). All of these types allowed to be formed by the Swiss government. First, one of the most critical decisions that each investor need to make is choosing the type of company. For example, in case if you want to open a new office in Switzerland, you may notice that it would be easier to do with an expert team of business consultants who will give you required information you need to establish a successful and beneficial investment business. Besides, for business establishment services in other countries, for example, Norway, Thailand you can utilize the services of our partners with the lawyers’ help. To know more information, please visit

Choose one of the Swiss companies’ types

The Government of Switzerland allows some business forms for the company established with the most common being limited liability. A Limited Liability Swiss Company (also known as GmbH or S.A.R.L) is a company formed by investors who establish small or medium-sized business type.

Other business forms allow opening, for example, an office in Switzerland and expanding it into the Swiss market or get some help from investors who want to establish a business on their own.