Gel Polish manicure. Materials and a step-by-step guide

Gel polish is a real manicure trend of modernity. And it’s not surprising because such coating is kept on the nails for 20 days and more, remaining bright and beautiful. Besides, materials for such super-resistant coating are accessible and variable. For example, at kodi professional you can buy everything you need online. But to achieve high coating endurance, you must adhere to the right technology.


Gel polish is a color high-strength coating. It remains on the nail plate for 14-21 days and more, it does not lose gloss or brightness and does not split. The coating is not repaired but re-created each time. Fortunately, it will take only up to 60 minutes if you are a professional master.


  • Preparation of the nails. It can be a classic manicure, if necessary, or simply giving the nail plate of the correct shape.
  • Grinding down of the nail plates. Be careful, you don’t have to file the nail plate, you should do only grinding down for the best adhesion of gel polish to the nails.
  • Disinfection of the nails
  • Degreasing of the nail plates
  • Covering the nails with acid-free primer
  • Covering the nails with a base. The base is dried in the UV or LED lamp
  • Covering the nails with color gel polish. And then dry them again
  • Covering the nails with the finish gel layer. And dry the nails one more time
  • Removing the adhesive layer with Cleanser
  • Covering cuticle with oil

Your perfect manicure is ready!