Major Perfume Categories You Need to Know About

When choosing a new fragrance for a certain occasion or season, it’s essential to learn about the notes in the perfume. There are 8 basic perfume families we’ll discuss below. Mind that most fragrances combine some of them to create a unique and interesting effect.

8 categories and the impressions they leave

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For instance, you’ll see a variety of citrus fragrances. They are perfect for everyday life or to start a cheerful morning.

If you like more lady-like perfumes, you should pay more attention to floral scents. They are light and bright.

Fruity fragrances are wonderful for traveling, walks in the park, lunch with friends, etc. Pick from the notes of peach, berries, etc.

In summer, you should take a closer look at oceanic and green perfume families. These categories are very casual but will also be great for office days.

Woody perfumes are often based on bark, moss, and other notes which are used for both men and women’s fragrances. You’ll also see such scents in the unisex category.

People who like to smell sweet can explore the categories of oriental and spicy perfumes. They are feminine and mysterious but can as well be bold and strong.