Do You Have The Fantasy To Gain Instagram Followers And Likes?

Have you ever sat in the dark, mindlessly scrolling through social media? You find nothing of value nor of personal significance, yet you can’t stop. Your thumb double-taps every picture you see with the listlessness of a zombie, your action almost automated in appearance. This double-tap is a like that you gave the picture, based on how much you liked the picture. The same as is also given to you by other people when you upload your own picture, almost as if as a way of seeking validation from unseen eyes, presenting yourself in the best form in front of them.

How Instagram Likes are addicting you

Just like a drug, which gives a fleeting momentary pleasure in return for a long-term relationship with anxiety. Whenever we do not receive an appropriate number of likes, we tend to become anxious and desperate to gain instagram followers and likes.

How to escape it

Here are a few ways to escape the Instagram Likes addiction:

  • Take a few days off social media
  • Repeat to yourself that the opinion of other people is of no importance
  • Stop giving importance to the liking algorithm
  • Indulge yourself in a healthy, engaging hobby.
  • Build up a confident, strong self-body-image.