Google has decided to fix the biggest problem with Android

Google is not content with just running the product on your Android telephone, it additionally needs to assume liability for the processor inside and is exploring making its chips, as indicated by another report. This would be a comparative methodology taken by Apple, which outlines the A9 and past eras of processors that power the iPhone and iPad Free APKs.

The discontinuity of Android is the main problem for Google, telephone creators, and clients, who need to manage obsolete equipment, insufficient security, and a sub-standard affair. As per one appraisal, there are more than 18,700 unique adaptations of Android contrasted with Apple’s five or six.Presently Google needs to outline its VR and AR chips, apparently to control this new Android virtual reality OS and test gadgets like Project Tango (which is right now fueled by a chip from Movidius).

Increased reality, specifically, is to a considerable degree hard on a processor. Overlaying a 3D picture onto a video bolster or a straightforward show consistently means measuring the space before the screen in 3D and rendering and situating the items in that 3D space quite often. You’re running the CPU, GPU, cameras, and accelerometers at maxing out the whole time. For the camera’s picture processor, the report said Google is keen on camera tech that can “check the earth and push images to Google’s cloud-based frameworks for investigation.” Google would then “give you the connection back” about the photo. Google has a photo based form of this today with Google Goggles, which can recognize logos, book spreads, and different pictures.

We assume this would constantly happen  at something like 24FPS, instead of just on individual images. It likewise sounds a touch like Google’s Word Lens, an increased reality interpretation application that replaces diverse content with deciphered content, right in the video nourish.It stays to be checked whether Google actually will wind up outlining Android processors with a chipset producer, yet it’d be fascinating to witness what might if it did. Which chipset producers would Google accomplice with? Would the other, non-accomplice chipset makers be vexed? What sort of elements would Google add to Android that would require its uncommonly outlined chips? For the present, we can just estimate.If Google is taking a shot at its processor venture, then it’ll need to locate a ready accomplice. Apple doesn’t deliver the A9 chip, Samsung — which likewise makes its Exynos processors — essentially does. Google could similarly approach Samsung, or may sentiment Qualcomm, Intel, MediaTek or even Huawei’s Hisilicon or Intel-sponsored Rockchip.For the present, it’s all hypothesis, and there has been no official word from Google on the subject.