Meet the best Bar Equipment by Electrolux

As a supplier, MARAN Projekt GmbH provides various modern commercial bar equipment with a guarantee of quality and price.

There is a specific dependence on the quality of the equipment and the skills of the chefs and bartenders with this. Our machine can optimize working staff in such a way as to guarantee only their high quality and meet the needs of users.

Electrolux machines have been trading for a long time ago (since 1919); they were created as the newest technologies, and meet all standards for real pro.

Why does everyone choose Electrolux?                 

Everything is simple; each manufactured device has many characteristics, including the best quality, novelty, and reasonable price. You can quickly equip your bar/cafe and workplace, making it as convenient as possible. The newest technologies do not harm the environment, reducing harmful effects. Electrolux machine is suitable for start-up manufacturers who are just opening their cafe and for already long-established institutions that require modernization. Among the characteristics of our bar equipment are high quality, reliability, economy, as well as safety, high productivity, and optimal dimensions.